Green Economy and Climate Change

AGTSD Embraces Green Economy and climate change initiatives to improve and support the people’s resilience to reduce the negative effects of climate change. “It is all about the earth”

AGTSD initiatives include research on adaptation, Mitigation and REDD++

Strengthening individual and Institutions Capacity of schools, colleges, farmers associations to adopt and mitigate to climate change.

AGTSD Communicates news and relevant information about climate change to the community at grassroots level through Megaphones, Radio and Television programmes, AGTSD website, Facebook and tweeter.

Some of the project activities AGTSD is involved in include;

  • Sensitising motorist on efficient use of vehicles, and walk instead of driving.
  • Use of public transportation as opposed to private transport
  • Energy efficient transportation
  • Support proper Environment initiatives
  • Tree planting
  • Clean up campaigns
  • Solar Street Lightings
  • Mainstreaming Environment in National Development strategy
  • Participation of Gender Equality In programming women
  • Building resilience at the community to tackle climate change
  • Creating synergies to tackle climate change
  • Partnership with the Civil Society, Government
  • Meetings on the Development of early warning systems
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