Micro –finance and Micro-energy Programme

AGTSD recognises that Micro-Finance plays an important role in the development of low income earners to ease financial hardships, create job opportunities and improve their living standards. It recognises that Women who make a staggering 70% of all those living in extreme poverty are excluded from Education, Owning Property and equal participation in development. AGTSD offers financial services for entrepreneurs and small businesses especially women traders in cross-border trade.  
AGTSD beliefs that East African Entrepreneurs and in particular women traders should be progressively sensitised on trade cooperation principles.

AGTSD is involved in off-grid programme to support women and men traders who sell their wares along the road with affordable solar lightings. The solar products are can be used at homes instead of the tin lamps which are hazardous to health.  A simple survey by AGTSD shows that consumers save more than 60% of the cost of using electricity from the National grid when using renewable energy.
The purpose of the awareness programme is to raise people’s awareness and promote best practice effort to reduce energy consumption, to reduce GHG emission resulting from production of goods and services, household appliances, restaurants and supermarkets, saving the environment, conserves resources and cost saving
AGTSD is involved in National Campaign on energy efficiency standards and labelling project.  AGTSD brings awareness to Households, Schools and Colleges, Supermarkets, Industries and Restaurants. The campaign also involves Government offices and agencies. The awareness programme involves usage of approved energy efficient appliances, energy capacity building, and emphasise manufacturers to improve the production of Energy efficient appliances and media campaign.
AGTSD sensitise people in informal settlements, urban poor and rich areas, rural areas to use renewable energies.

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