AGTSD was formed in 2009 as a grassroot organisation to serve small scale traders especially woman trader. The service emanated from poverty, lack of knowledge and information and lack of awareness that women at grassroots experience against earning a descent living.  AGTSD support the woman trader, the Youth and other underprivileged members of the society to access basic rights and earn a descent living from their work.

In 2010 AGTSD was registered as an International NGO under the NGO Coordination Act of Kenya.

AGTSD Programme Areas include:

1.Trade Policy Development
2.Green Economy and Climate Change
3.Micro – Finance and Micro – Energy
4.Regional Integration

1. Approach to Work
Capacity Building

2. Main Research
In house Network –based
Field Work based Research
Political and Social Economic Analysis
Quantitative and Qualitative Research

3. Features of Advocacy
Advocacy with Policy Makers – Trade policy makers, Parliamentarians, Counties and Trade negotiators
Advocacy with other stakeholders, Business Chamber organisation
Sensitising CSOs

Future Plan
AGTSD intends to hold a strategic workshop later in the year of 2013

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