Carbon Offsets

The development of carbon markets started in February 2005 when over 120 Nations signed the Kyoto Protocol to mitigate climate change. Developed Nations committed to cap their carbon intensive industries.
The countries agreed that companies from developed Nations wishing to pollute beyond their cap, they must purchase “carbon credit” from another company that is polluting below the cap, or from a project in a developing country that is using clean technology.

AGTSD is seeking for companies and organisations in the implementation of offsetting carbon footprints either through compliance purpose or part of the corporate social responsibility. We are seeking companies which can offset their carbon footprints through micro energy credits.  The Microenergy credits will support entrepreneurs to make small investment in clean, modern energy supporting proper environment initiatives.

AGTSD is seeking to bring gender aware approach to clean energy development which results to significant job creation particularly women and girls.

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